Hope. Glory.
The best things in life usually
start and end this way.
Like careers and business ventures.
Hope & Glory Executive helps
join the dots.



Innovation. Transformation. Disruption. The game’s utterly changed for marketing and communications. Sure enough, digital and tech is working for you in your customer-focussed work – or it’s working against you.

Hope & Glory Executive helps the brightest and best talent find great career opportunities in the new economy.

If you want a new place to apply your skills or are looking for the best people for your team then please contact us today.

[email protected] +61 3 9578 1000

Small is good.
Hope & Glory Executive brings
big recruitment agency experience
to a nimble and specialised
communications and
marketing practice.



Hope & Glory Executive wants people to succeed. We help good humans into good jobs where the focus is broadly on marketing, communications and customers. And we enjoy it.

We work from our space in Melbourne’s inspired - and inspiring - York Butter Factory. Operating across the APAC region and beyond, Hope & Glory Executive supports people who are striving for growth in their careers and enterprises. We deliver across a variety of sectors, all of which are being transformed by digital and tech.

Our practice uses an affiliate model that harnesses the right skills at the right time to support our project work. Hope & Glory Executive can dial up or dial down quickly to provide the services that we promise.

We only take on assignments and individuals where we think we can make a difference. Please contact us – we’d like to see if we can help you.

We do three things
and we do them well.
Search and selection.
Talent mapping.
Contracting support.



Some talent firms might tell you that they can do everything. We can’t. We won’t. Our focus instead is on delivering great outcomes in the areas in which we excel.

Hope & Glory Executive does its best work on projects related to brand, content, audience, communications, customer value, and marketing. We thrive on assignments where change is the order of the day.

In this context, we pride ourselves on doing well in delivering these services: search and selection programs; talent mapping; and contracting support.


10 years goes fast. Less than a decade ago, newspaper advertising was still THE way to fill many senior roles. Fast forward to now, job seekers and employers have never been better able to connect. An explosion of readily-available online information has solved many problems - and created so many more. Great if only you can find the time, energy and know-how to navigate an ocean of data.

Hope & Glory Executive is narrow and deep in its chosen space of recruitment for marketing and communications for the new economy'. By specialising, we can help make sense for you of emerging industry trends, hidden job opportunities and previously unknown individuals.

Yes, our methodology for connecting people through a robust recruitment process is very solid. But longstanding relationships and hard work count too. We’re proud of how we distil complex information to create great outcomes. We’d be delighted to help you achieve your goals if we can.


The times are changing. And with the reinvention of daily life, we all constantly find ourselves marching off the edge of our maps. Hope & Glory Executive recognises that you may not always need support with a full recruitment process for your organisation, just a good map to guide you beyond what you know.

If your business is in the early stages of a search process, we can help by providing a talent discovery report. We use data points from social media, our own files, network referrals and industry research to curate a useful list. You can then go and explore the best talent on your own. Each day we’re monitoring the market for people to connect. Talk to us about how we can create a map for you – or perhaps get you onto one.


Our contractors land and expand to your needs. And then wrap up quickly when you’re ready. Some of Hope & Glory’s clients want a dedicated, engaged and cost-efficient resource embedded in their organisation while a recruitment round is successfully executed. Others need flexible support during stages of fast growth, to meet project deadlines or to cover staff absences.

Hope & Glory Executive’s contractors look and feel like the rest of your team. It might be for a few weeks or many months. Let us help you with payrolled contractor support sitting off your books.

Coffee is a language itself.
Let’s chat over a hot drink
and see what
Hope & Glory Executive
might do to support you.